Our Specialities

We develop a comprehensive program for clients involved in the most serious work-related accidents. All cases are coordinated with the worker’s compensation claims examiner to ensure a timely completion of the claim and beginning of care.

Each client receives coordinated and customized care to help them become as independent as possible. Our staff provide expert care for clients being discharged from basic assistance with ADLs or those with complex needs.

We take great pride in our depth of experience and level of expertise in catastrophic and complex injuries. Our staff is prepared for all possibilities and we pride ourselves in anticipating scenarios.


Spinal Cord injuries


Traumatic Brain injuries


Neurological injuries


Post-Surgical Care

Each Speciality includes:

  • 24/7 Live On-Call Service
  • Meticulous management of your
    personal Care Plan
  • Vent & Tracheotomy Care
  • Certified Wound Care
  • Bowel Care
  • Bladder Care
  • Insured and bonded staff
  • Professional uniformed staff
  • Client feedback to ensure complete
  • Interpretation and Translation

Our Staff

Our staff understands that individuals recovering from a catastrophic injury, stroke, or surgery want one thing; to get back to their everyday lives. Our emphasis on attainable goals not only creates a path towards recovery, it breaks down treatment into manageable steps, which leads to higher success rates. Beacon Care also focuses on the patient’s support team –we make the support team an integral part of the recovery process. Recovery from catastrophic injuries can impact the relationship dynamics of those closest to the patient, their family. To limit the stress that the recovery process places on relationships, we take the time to educate both client and family on available resources as well as help them develop the skills they’ll need to ensure a successful recovery.